The Principles Behind The P90x Workout

When P90X was introduced, the creator Tony Horton have only one objective in mind.

That is creating a program which is more advanced and more intense for those followers who are willing to take their workout into the next level. The P90x succeeded the older version, Power 60 sometimes known as the P60 Lite program.
Instead of the usual 30 minute workout, the P90X focuses on 12 workouts that usually last for one hour and half. This new workout routine would continue to push the body's capacity to its limit for the next 90 days.
The P90x rigorous exercises program relies on the basic core principles of using a unique technique called "muscle confusion" to deliver impressive results. Muscle confusion is all about constantly forcing new workout routines for the muscles.

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  • Muscle Confusion

    If the same exercises trained on the body regularly, Tony explained the body will tend to adapt to the movement causing the body to reach its plateau level. Thus, this losing its effectiveness of building new muscles.

    Plyometric Exercises

    The P90X also introduces one of the most intense workouts called the plyometrics. The plyometric movements would make use all of the body's muscles during the intense workouts. This would help the body to burn more calories and increase the body's metabolism rate at a faster level.
    It is crucial to have proper form of the movements because if the motion is restricted or performed repeatedly, it would reduced the effectiveness of the program. Failure to have the proper movement will result in muscles stiffness and joint pain.

    When the muscles is developing during the workout, its is important to increase its intensity as the workout progresses. The P90X only allows a 30 seconds rest between each set of its exercises. These routine will push the body for the next six days of the week with the seventh day as the rest day. This would allow the body to recover from the workout, follow with some stretching exercises.

    To keep the P90X program interesting it constantly introduces different workouts emphasis on flexibility, endurance, stamina, strength and of course, calorie burning. At the end of the P90X program, the most important goal of successfully achieving a great body is self-attitude. Because this a self training course at home, the discipline to follow the entire P90X workout routine to the end is the most difficult hurdle.

    Are you ready to take the challenge of P90x fitness challenge?

    Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback below.

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