P90x The Nutritional And Diet Plan

During the last two decades, there is a tremendous need for physical fitness programs and weight loss diets.

According to World Health Organisation report, it is estimated that about 2.7 million deaths can blamed on inadequate comsumption of fruit and vegetables in the daily diet while 1.9 million health issues is due to the lack of physical activity.
The core development of P90x fitness program is based on both diet and exercise.
A 90-day workout program, the P90x not only focus on weight loss and muscle development, it also have strong emphasis on developing good eating habits based on nutritional and diet plan. The nutritional and diet plan comes in three phases namely, the Fat Shredder, the Energy Booster and the Endurance Maximizer.

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  • The Fat Shredder - Phase 1

    This is the first four weeks diet. It consists mainly on a high protein diet combined with a low consumption of carbohydrates. The high protein intake is neccessary at this phase for the energy needed through the workout. The high protein intake are salmon steaks, tuna, lean meat and low-sugar vegetables like lettuce and other greens .

    The Energy Booster - Phase 2

    Carbohydrates like wheat bread, grains, pasta, legumes and potatoes are introduced in the diet at this stage. The combination of these two components protein and carbohydrates will increase the level of body energy need at this stage as the workout is getting more intense. However, the proper portions of food to be consumed are strictly followed.
    The Endurance Maximizer - Phase 3

    Followers at this stage of training need more complex carbohyrates and lean protein food. All this is taken with the caution of low fat content. Suprisingly, the increase intake of more carbohydrates is needed for body energy to adapt with the intensity of workout.

    Before going with the p90x nutritional diet plan, it is crucial to learn how to calculate the calorie consumption. This is solely based on the activity level and the resting metabolic rate of the body.

    The p90x nutritional and diet plan comes in two ways. It could be through the portion plan or the meal plan. In the portion plan, the serving of food amount per meal is important. However, in the meal plan there are glossy menus with instructions on how you can follow and prepare your food. You can choose which plan to follow that suits your needs and budget.

    To make menu easier to follow in the meal plan, grocery lists and receipes are also included. Followers will also noticed that the p90x nutritional plan teaches partial consumption with regular light meals rather than taking big meals. The emphasis of liquid such as drinking water is also a crucial part of the plan.

    The objective of p90x nutritional and diet plan is meant to help followers combining exercise and a healthier diet. At the end of the 90 day workout program, not only you have achieved a lean and better looking body but also a drastic change for a healthier lifestyle.

    Are you ready to take the P90x fitness challenge?

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