The Downside Of P90X

P90x seem like a perfect workout for everybody.

As we have seen late night informercials or actually knew people shedding unwanted pounds of fat and building their muscles within ninety days using the P90X program.
As a wholesome fitness program, the P90x has no disadvantages.
Typically, the lack of mobility or exercise is main cause of increasing the risk of having heart disease and other health issues. By harnessing diligently on a workout routine, not only you could build up muscles and strengthen your joints, you would also develop a stronger immune system. You would look better also feel more confidence in your social life. So, what are the downside of P90X?

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  • Following the program, consistently

    This is the most common issue among most home workouts. Buying the program with great deal of enthusiasm initially, but staying on with the program would be solely depend on the individual's commitment and self discipline.

    The P90x workout is 60 to 90 minutes long workout for six days a week with the seventh day as a rest day which includes some stretching exercises. Instead of driving to the gym, such home workout program is convenient enough to fit into some people's schedule. Incidentally, there are some people who always complain there is not enough time for working out and this could be a definite problem and could end up as quitters.

    P90x can be too challenging

    The infomercials making the p90x look very exciting and inviting, inspite of its intense workout exercises. There are still some people who fail initial fitness test and may not be physically ready for such workouts.

    Diet limitations

    The p90x provides a diet and nutritional plan which implies to each phase of the workout. However, there are some people who are trying to manage an autoimmune disease, such as cancer and by following a diet lower in inflammatory compounds finds it difficult to adapt to a new diet change.

    Changes in lifestyle

    The P90x requires some changes in daily lifestyle. The preparation of a carefully recommended meal can be very time-consuming to prepare. Apart from following the nutrition plan, you would also follow the restricted portion of food you can consume. By adhering to this portion control of food could be very tedious and need some commitment.

    Too Costly

    Compare to other fitness program in the market, the P90X can be more expensive. It is imperative, to look for results by comparision and if you follow the P90X program diligently, you will achieved those results as promised. Because of the program's intensity workout, some people may not qualify as a candidate. For some who are extreme overweight or have no workout experience they should consult their doctor before starting with P90X program.

    Are you using the P90x program ?

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