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We heard it all the time, we need to exercise.
Many of us, doing exercise to get into shape, but for some of us engaging the exercise routine into a fanatical level, without realising the many consequences of overexercising. If you overexercised, your muscles tend to stay sore longer and you would have trouble over sleeping.
If your muscles stays sore for more than 3 days, you overdone it -it is one of the warning signs.
Asides from losing sleep and that 3 day cut off of being sored, they are some other issues that are the warning signs that we should be aware of.

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  • Other Warning Signs

    What happen is, when you overexercised you produce little tears in your tendons and muscles that can actually impede in your ability to lose weight, and also impede in your ability to grow muscles.

    Other warning sign is especially in younger women is amenorrhea is when you stop having period. If you stop having your regular period that could be a danger sign that you are over exercising.

    Overexercising can also be associated with the increase risk of tendon injury. You know how many people engaged running as their daily exercise routine, having shin splints? Shin splints are actually tiny fractures in the bones.

    The key thing here is, you just have to learn to listen to your body. If your muscles remained sored for too long and if it is over 3 days, its time to see your orthopedics surgeon.

    There are also many heart related problems occur especially in the high intense physical sport like basketball. The heart rate is so high, you could produce micro tears in the heart muscles or the scarring of heart tissues.

    It can change the electric system in the heart muscles and may cause a condition called "ventricular arrhythmia" which causes to heart to beat, erratically.

    There are some incidence where young athletes just fall down and die on the the court, so it is very difficult to diagnose properly and most important thing again is, don't overdo things.

    The Solution

    But it is important to exercise.

    Recommendation is, you should feel like you have a strong workout like you have a little bit sore but again if you have sored muscles for too many days you should stop doing it. You should always take a rest like you exercise for one day and take a rest for one day.

    That is why most trainers will have you do the upper body exercise alternating with lower body exercises and combined with a little bit of aerobics.

    Those who are doing more muscle exercises, try doing more reps and less weights because you don't have to bulk up as much and by doing more reps. It will be much easier on your tendons and muscles.

    So, are you concerned that you had, too much exercise ?

    Or do you think this article is blown out of proportion ?

    Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback below.

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