P90x - Is It For Everybody?

We have seen countless late night infomercial about products that can help people losing weight.

One such program is the P90x. It claims that it can help those who want to shed those unwanted fats and at the same time help build muscles. It promises changes could happen within 90 days or less even though those who are extremely overweight. Can everybody use it ?
If you decided to enroll on the P90x program, then you are strongly advised to check with your doctor first especially if you are overweight, even you think you are physically fit for the challenge.
Aside from your doctor's recommendation, beginners are always encourage to take the P90x fitness test. This preliminary test last for thirty minutes which would determined whether you are ready for the intensity of the P90x workout. For those who failed the fitness test, they are recommended to take a less extreme program as a alternative option.

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  • The 30 minutes fitness test

    The 30 minutes fitness test will give you an idea of what to expect from the P90x program. It contains the following test:

    First the warm-up exercises like stretching, running up and down the stairs.
    One of the most difficult first fit test, is the pull-ups. For men, it should be at least three pull-ups, and only one pull-up for the women. There are other substitute exercises for those who have difficulties in doing pull-ups.

    The second fit test is measuring how high you can do with a vertical leap. The requirement is five inches for men and three inches for women. You have to stand against the wall and try to jump.

    The third fit test will require you to do push-ups. You will have to keep you back straight while doing the push-up test and meet the requirement of 15 push-ups if you are a men and only three if you are a women.

    The fourth fit test will test your flexibility, it is the classic toe touch. You will have to try touching your toes while sitting with your legs stretched. Try reaching about six inches beyond from your toes.

    The fifth fit test would test your strength from your legs by squatting with your back leaning against the wall.

    The sixth fit test would be the bicep curls by holding weights and doing several repetitions.

    The checking of the abdominal strength would be the seventh fit test.

    The eight fit test would be the measurement of your heart rate by doing the jumping jacks.

    Unless you are extremely overweight, passing all these fitness tests is a walk in the park. The P90x program can be a very challenging experience for anyone who is seriously considered about losing weight and gaining muscles. All you need is dedication and focus to finish the program.
    Please note the accuracy of information listed may not be current. P90x is an evolving product so the expectation of change may occur to keep up with the demand.
    Are you ready to take the challenge of P90x fitness test?

    Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback below.

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